• Design Your Own Custom Grillz!

    Posted on May 14 2019

    1. Save The Image Below 2. Print It 3. Roughly Draw Your Design In The Diagram 4. Bring This Paper To Your Free In-Person Consultation or Include It Your Free...

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  • Chocolate Skateboards Welcomes Hakeem Ducksworth

    Posted on March 28 2019

      This one came out of the blue!  Earlier today via Crailtap's Youtube page a true gem was officially dropped on the game with their introduction of Hakeem Ducksworth. The California-native has...

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  • JAE SB Interview

    Posted on February 13 2019

    Interview by Jesse Gangwere  Other than being on the skate team what are some roles you play behind the scenes of OneGig? Sheeeesh.. I write the blog, work on the...

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  • Your Introduction to 1/1 Fashion

    Posted on January 15 2019

    Today everyone wants to be special. Forever gone are the days of donning suits for a stroll around town & everyone clamoring outside the mall to wear the same clothes. We're entering...

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  • Street Luxury Is Here To Stay in 2019

    Posted on January 10 2019

      Fashion seems to be at a crossroads today where larger & more esteemed brands such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, & Burberry are suddenly sharing large portions of consumers...

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  • Our In-Store Gallery's Latest Look

    Posted on January 02 2019

      Anyone whose taken a trip to our space has also come face-to-face with our in-store gallery. Before you even hit the bottom of the stairs it won't be hard...

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  • Matt Tomasello's "Trampoline Jump"

    Posted on December 16 2018

           Yesterday via Thrasher‘s Youtube, local New England legend Matt Tomasello delivered his Trampoline Jump video with some help from the Fancy Lad’s . Any video from these...

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  • Foy's In The Field

    Posted on December 01 2018

      Even if you've never heard of Jamie Foy or never even watched a skate video, you're first impression of this video will still be "Damn" as you sit back and...

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  • The Quest For Penny!

    Posted on December 01 2018

    In a somewhat revival of The Search For Animal Chin, the good people down Supra Footwear & Thrasher Magazine have gone on a quest into the heart  Chile in search of skateboarding legend Tom Penny. ...

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  • Tyshawn Jones' Killer Pop

    Posted on November 26 2018

      Earlier today via Thrasher Magazine's Youtube page " Killer" was released to the masses to be devoured clip by clip. In what seemed to be a surprise release along the series...

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  • Barely Off The Grid Video Premiere

    Posted on November 20 2018

    Join us down at the shop on Sunday, December 2nd @ 3PM  for the premiere of the Barely Off The Grid trip video (filmed & edited by DG Films). Come enjoy...

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  • Palace & Ralph Lauren Join The Race With Their New Collab

    Posted on November 09 2018

    Images By David Sims Today the most recent luxury-street collab released featuring Palace & Ralph Lauren sporting everyday-wear for the masses. With a price range between $53 - $475 USD the collab is...

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  • Jesse Gangwere Interview

    Posted on November 01 2018

      By now Mr.Gangwere is a very familiar face around here, but we wanted to advantage of his downtime after the Barely Off The Grid trip get more insight on...

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  • Tim Savage's "23" Video Review

    Posted on October 22 2018

          Late last week Tim Savage, hailing from Bourne,MA , dropped off his second full length project titled “23”. We got some hard copies at the shop so...

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  • Characters: Rennie Toe

    Posted on October 15 2018

      “We’ll take that!”, a favorite catch-phrase of Rennie Toe (@basquiatsyndicate88) our first-featured artist. Hailing from Liberia, residing in New Jersey, & travelling most of the year Rennie has a...

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  • ONEWAY Tour Video

    Posted on October 04 2018

      What do you get when you put 4 skaters,1 van, & 5 cities together? You get a  OneWay ticket to street clips, partying, & a whole lot of  milly...

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  • Announcement: PMMM Tour

    Posted on August 07 2018

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  • How To Bluntslide (feat. Akrite)

    Posted on May 09 2018

          Down at the shop we have a saying, “ each one-teach one”, and this time around you’re gonna be learning some new tricks.

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  • Skater's Favorite Skater: Boo Johnson

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Even though we’re a skate-shop firmly set in the east, we have love for our brother’s putting in hours on the board out west. One of our favorite Cali skaters...

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  • Where To Skate In Winter?

    Posted on February 13 2018

      As any upper east coast skater would know, from years of deep psychological trauma, winter is usually a harbinger of depression & torment for most avid skaters. As soon...

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  • Burberry & Gosha Bring Luxury To The Russian Streets

    Posted on January 14 2018

    Today the fashion world rejoiced in unison over the next step in collaborations between streetwear brand Gosha Rubchinskiy & the luxury giant Burberry.  The capsule in Gosha’s F/W’18 collection, which...

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  • Welcome! Jesse Gangwere

    Posted on November 28 2017

    Give a warm welcome to the newest member of the One Gig family, Jesse Gangwere! We're excited to add him to the team, but for more than just his skating...

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