JAE SB Interview

Interview by Jesse Gangwere 

Other than being on the skate team what are some roles you play behind the scenes of OneGig?

Sheeeesh.. I write the blog, work on the website, I make designs and I sell products with my face hahah… ohh shit grillz too I’m the grillz  salesman guy lowkey.

Word on the streets is you demanded the shop to make grillz huh? What made you think of that being a option at the shop?

I really just wanted grillz and Ferg had told me he knew how to make them. So one day I went into the shop with money in hand and told him today is the day type shit. He kept stalling, but then he made it happen, now we're the only skate shop that sells grillz.

"Fuck am I hungry or hurt haha" 

How do you divide time between being a sponsored skateboarder and music artist?

Ummm, it can be hard because both require time and consistency. You can’t just stop doing one or the other for a month and expect to be fine. So I try to skate during the day and go to the studio at night like 3 am type stuff but it works out because my crew is down with the lifestyle.

How did you get involved with the skateboarding and music scene?

In Boston they’re both really connected, just being friends with skater’s your homies would take you to a basement show, there would be moshpits and stuff it just made me realize this music shit is lit.


You been on a couple One Gig tours so far what is the best/worst moment during a trip?

Hmmm best part is just pulling up to somewhere I never been just seeing things I never seen before, and the worst part is when Bertha starts acting up. This one time the battery just died middle of the highway and we almost got smacked.

JAE: “Before we go to this party we need milkshakes and a taco”

Speaking of tacos how many do you think you had on your recent trip to Mexico?

Dog.. as a whole shit.. We definitely had no less than 40, I can’t say how much but no less than 40 maybe even 60 I probably ate about 15 myself. Couple for breakfast and lunch everyday. This just made me even more hungry.

*The mid interview spliff is lit*

You never thought you would be smoking the dirty joints huh?

NAH I remember when I was little, I told my mom I would never smoke, drink or get tattoos but now I’m out here doing it all. Not smoking the dirty joints is how I hold onto the innocece

Hahaha the dirty joints.

JAE: “One day when I have a private jet i’m gonna hot box it, next One Gig trip when we have a plane it’s defintely getting smoked in”

You sound like Nate The Great with this plane talk will he be there?

Of course he’s not great for no reason

How long you think he’s been sleep on the couch today?

Pshhh not long enough dog when I first met him he stayed up 3 days straight and then went to Mexico, I never met anyone like that. It shows in his work ethic though, anything he does is crazy and he owns like 1000 domain names.

What is your advice to up and coming music artist, you are starting to create a buzz globally what does it take?

I’d say take it seriously at first you feel me. You wanna research the game, you have to brand yourself, and create a team because that’s what’s really important. Anyone can gain attention for 15 mins but to be able to sustain it and make history you have to come proper. Don’t wait for a magic moment you just have to make the moment magic yourself. It doesn’t happen over-night & no one is waiting to just hand you a million dollars hahaha.


You working on a skate part right now?

Am I? A little one it’s my welcome to OG part, but we got a One Gig video coming so yea i’m trying to put those pieces together and go crazy!

You’ve been out here skating on the west coast for about a week now, how do you compare it to growing up skating in Boston?

Hmmm everything is farther apart, but there’s alot more uh idk you actually get to skate what you want, in Boston there’s not as much variety. On the west coast you got gaps, rails, stairs, ledges, and all that.

Your going back east tomorrow what’s the next venture for JAE SB?

Hmm finish this OG part, I got a couple shows, and to keep thriving. We out here giggin!

Alright we out here my G any last words

Sheeesh shoutout Ferg, shoutout my mom, shoutout gully crew, shouts to my band Froze.40 fuck, shoutout Jesse, and shoutout to the Mexican weed. Word haha

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