Where To Skate In Winter?


As any upper east coast skater would know, from years of deep psychological trauma, winter is usually a harbinger of depression & torment for most avid skaters. As soon as the leaves begin to change a certain anxiety washes over the skate community as we try to stack as many clips as possible before it happens. Yes... we are talking about the first snowfall! Gone are the days for 9AM to 9PM sessions in the sun filled with laughs, snacks, & Instagram clips. Now it doesn't take much time before skater's start plotting where to skate in the winter? Fear not! We've compiled a list of local skate rat favorites for when the going get's tough!

1. Lynch Family Skatepark

On days when the snow isn't so bad or you've managed to find enough coats to keep warm, Lynch is actually a pretty good place to skate. Hypothermia-inducing winds aside, the bridge above the skatepark does make for a good cover during the winter months. I mean, there is always wind at Lynch so if you're not used to it now just throw the towel in. Gotta keep the warm-up clips coming!


2. Skater's Edge

Located in Taunton,MA Skater's Edge has been a haven for weather-beaten skaters for years. In the front they have a street-esque course where they usually host a plethora of skate competitions throughout the year & even skate lessons. Although it is a good distance from Boston it's a short 30 minute drive away & can be accessed by the commuter rail if the homies don't come through with the whip. Now heaven's gates don't come without a cost, but 15 dollars for  couple hours is worth the workout. You can also have food delivered & they have a full functioning skateshop is anything malfunctions.


3. North Station Garages

In true skate rat fashion, sometimes your only option is to retreat underground. Why are parking garages so ideal for skating? It could be the lack of wind, the underground sidewalks & ledges, or just the fact that it's more lowkey & feels like an adventure! Well... it's also free so maybe that takes the cake. No matter your reasoning it's never a bad time to skate a parking garage in winter. The kcickout rates vary from garage to garage, some are never a bust, but you'll probably have your best luck skating the North Station parking garages. just get off the correspoding stop on the organge or green line trains & go down in the elevators at TD Garden


4. Jmann (Jackson Mann K-8 School)

This spot is truly a local favorite in Boston because it's one of the few spots that is outdoor yet has a roof overhead shieleding you from the elements. This spot is always a green light. There have been intense sessions at Jmann during the heftiest of blizzards, as long as you can get there. Located in Allston it's not too far from the heart of Boston only a short skate from the Harvard Ave stop on the B Green Line train. If it's during school hours you may run into a flock of excited children but there's never been a recorded kick-out as long as you keep it PG. Do I smell a Jmann edit coming?


5.  Courthouse (Silver Line Stop)

This spot is more of a gamble, but it's worth a shot! If you can get there when there is no MBTA security, this may be the best place to skate in winter & it won't cost a thing! This spot boasts smooth tiles, heat ventilation, & lowkey obstacles from time to time like cones & trash cans (someone should stash a flatbar). Along with possibly being the prettiest place to skate in winter, one can win the jackpot if they catch a good session at Courthouse. This is also the last spot on the list because most other places for indoor debauchery have either been closed down, or reside in someone's basement. Good luck with your anti- snow plotting!

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