The Lynx 2/2

Product image 1The Lynx 2/2
Product image 2The Lynx 2/2
Product image 3The Lynx 2/2
Product image 4The Lynx 2/2
Product image 5The Lynx 2/2
Product image 6The Lynx 2/2

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In nature it's more than common for predators to use camouflages & patterns to their advantage. This useful tool for survival has produced amazing patterns that humanity has adopted into fabrics. Now our melange of prints in this piece may get you more attention than keep you blended into the background, but in a world outside the jungle that's not such a bad thing now is it?

  • Size: Medium
  • 1 of 1 piece

* DISCLAIMER: All of our upcycled, reconstructed, or deconstructed pieces are made from new, never been worn products & are specially screened for quality & cleanliness before use. 

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