Your Introduction to 1/1 Fashion

Posted on January 15 2019

Today everyone wants to be special. Forever gone are the days of donning suits for a stroll around town & everyone clamoring outside the mall to wear the same clothes. We're entering a golden age of creativity, exclusivity, & attention to detail. Here is where we find an important prt of our lifestyle & indentity, the 1/1 piece. Now to be fair this is the essence behind any DIY fashion project but the difference is that we're pioneers in the professional process of making these kinds of pieces. We've left behind the vintage up-cycle & the half-half t-shirts to adopt a more refined & sophisticated process. For this coming year multimedia & hand-painted details are becoming our main focus and we've already got a couple tricks up our sleeves. Check out our Instagram page here to take a sneak peek at what we're cooking & stay tuned for the masterpiece!

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