Burberry & Gosha Bring Luxury To The Russian Streets

Today the fashion world rejoiced in unison over the next step in collaborations between streetwear brand Gosha Rubchinskiy & the luxury giant Burberry.  The capsule in Gosha’s F/W’18 collection, which previewed today in Yekaterinburg’s Yeltsin Center Museum, mainly features outerwear with the iconic Burberry plaid.  

“Continuing our creative collaboration with Gosha for his latest show wasn’t even a question for either of us – we have enjoyed the process over the last year working together so much, that we both felt like there was so much more we could do together.” - Christopher Bailey, Burberry President and Chief Creative Officer

The blend of youthful energy & established prestige is what has made the joined efforts of these brands so powerful for their 2018 season. Burberry’s 162 years of high-fashion-honor only served to further validate Gosha Rubchinskiy’s style of post Iron Curtain zeitgeist in Russia. His penchant for excitement in a cold world forms some of the cleanest, yet still exciting pieces in the entire collection. Gosha himself exclaimed in an interview:

 “It was important that Burberry be part of my new collection as it was one of the first iconic western brands to reach Russia after the Soviet collapse. It was very popular here in the 90’s, so much so that Boris Yeltsin can even be seen wearing a Burberry scarf in pictures from the time...” - Gosha Rubchinskiy

These two monolith’s in the industry naturally co-exist with each other & we expect more collaborations in the future as luxury brands take their sides in the conquest of street-style. To learn about the rest of this collection which included collabs with Levi's & Dr.Marten click here.



Images by Pavel Kirbiyatev

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