Matt Tomasello's "Trampoline Jump"


     Yesterday via Thrasher‘s Youtube, local New England legend Matt Tomasello delivered his Trampoline Jump video with some help from the Fancy Lad’s . Any video from these guys is always paradoxical as you know what to expect, (or more so what not to expect) yet at the same time you never know what to truly expect! This mind-game-like hype around the Fancy Lad crew along with their contagious, fun energy is what keeps them buzzing at higher and higher frequencies throughout the industry even doing projects with the likes of Adult Swim.

Tomasello fits perfectly into this mold as he completely re-defines ripping in this video. Some of our favorites to go down were the primo slides at Eggs & the board morphing-spinning grinds throughout the the video. We won’t give away too much, and mostly because some of his tricks still need to be named! Watch the video here & see for yourself!

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