Foy's In The Field


Even if you've never heard of Jamie Foy or never even watched a skate video, you're first impression of this video will still be "Damn" as you sit back and contemplate the physics of what you're seeing. In layman's terms, this boy good! Here at One Gig we're all about style & finesse, yet Jamie's raw, powerful style can't go unappreciated by anyone in the game. We've watched him grow from a Girl Skateboards FLOW rider, skating back to school competitions at Skatepark of Tampa in his home state, to a Deathwish Skateboards pro with a strong possibilty of winning Skater Of The Year only months after turning pro! You may have seen some of his viral 20 stair handrail chomps or some of his equally viral slams that although they appear to be life threatening, Jamie eats them with ease. Watch his new part "Field"  right here & keep an eye out for him in the future!

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