The Quest For Penny!

Posted on December 01 2018

In a somewhat revival of The Search For Animal Chin, the good people down Supra FootwearThrasher Magazine have gone on a quest into the heart  Chile in search of skateboarding legend Tom Penny.  The mystical Penny has made himself even more elusive than the regular pro skater by removing himself almost completely from modern society. That is, he has no phone, no bank account, no computer, nor a home! Upon realizing such an skateboarding-adventure was ahead it's no wonder their search convoy was more than happy to dive in. After locating the man-enigma Tom Penny, the team including videographer Cameron Holland decided in classic fashion to hit the streets of a foreign land and make a little edit for the people back home. Watch Lizard King, Spencer Hamilton, Clint Walker, Oscar Candon, & the lost legend  Tom Penny crush gaps, grind glass, & hope over everything in sight right here

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