Tyshawn Jones' Killer Pop


Earlier today via Thrasher Magazine's Youtube page " Killer" was released to the masses to be devoured clip by clip. In what seemed to be a surprise release along the series of William Strobeck's mini video projects with Supreme right before the release of their next official video, titled "BLESSED", we were instead surprised to see Tyshawn Jones proving gravity doesn't effect skaters the same as everyone else. Any trick you have spent the last week trying on flatground, Jones throws it over a hefty trash can effortlessly. Wonder what's in that New York City water? This isn't the first time that Tyshawn has displayed his pop for us. Last month he hosted the Hardies Can Jam NYC and won it himself with a Fakie Fs 360 over a trashcan from flat. Needless to say, that boy got pop. Watch "Killer" here.

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