Tim Savage's "23" Video Review

      Late last week Tim Savage, hailing from Bourne,MA , dropped off his second full length project titled “23”. We got some hard copies at the shop so we decided to review the video! As soon as the video started we see some hardcore porch skating and you can already feel the homie vibe of this project. The Friends section of the video is really spread evenly amongst the whole video and features a WIDE range of local legends from all corners of our state. Everyone from the Lowell dudes like Eric Martinac, to the south-mass skaters like Anthony Shetler, all the way back to Boston OG’s like Armin Bachman get a piece of the action in this project.

 Any Boston Skater whose been around for a couple years should be familiar with Nickodem Rudzinski. Since his “Stone Soup” video part he’s been an established name in local skating. Before any skateboarding is mentioned, it should be noted that Chief Keef’s‘ music and Rudzinski’s skating together makes a badass combo. Anyway, Nickodem has a way of skating rails that makes you feel like you should go hop on one immediately. He’s a master finesser on his board finding ways to grind on anything while looking completely calm the whole time. This is a part you’ll have to rewind a couple times!                                                                      
Brian Reid has been one of our favorite skaters for a long time. Seeing the man skate in person really makes you question if he has springs in his legs, or if everyone has 2 feet of extra pop we never use. By the time you are halfway through his part you’ve already seen a couple massive grinds & tricks that could’ve been someone’s ender. All-in-all a pretty solid part with a pretty crazy banger at the end!

The MVP of this video might have to be Will Mazzari. His opening lines at Eggs really sets the tone for this part overall & it’s clear Will didn’t come to play around. He has an incredible combination of tech-ability, style, & confidence that really shines through as he transitions  from ledges to rails and gaps flawlessly. Some notable clips are the BS Tailslide at Government Center in downtown Boston (see photo above) and a 50-50 on this 4 kink handrail that seems crustier than you might want a kink rail to be. 
Overall the video was dope and gives a good name to the New England skate scene. Tim, you did an amazing job with this project and we can't wait to see the next one! You can watch "23" live on Thrasher's website right now here's the link below:   
Watch "23" Now
(All photos by Liam Annis)
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