Jesse Gangwere Interview


By now Mr.Gangwere is a very familiar face around here, but we wanted to advantage of his downtime after the Barely Off The Grid trip get more insight on his story & how he got to the Gig.

.Jesse, Give the people a little backstory of how you got on One Gig.

[Hahahah] Just put OG Murph, Nah, Well I met Murph in CT at a skatepark. I bought him a beer then he invited me to go to boston where I met Ferg. I ended up staying there for a weekend to film & just stayed in contact.

So it was pretty much a random encounter?


Since you started running the skate team we’ve had a lot more stuff getting done, how’d you get your start?

Well my whole life i’ve been looked at as a leader, i’ve always had a little cult back home & my own company since I was 17. I also dropped out of school at 16 & went on skate trips so I got to see how skate trips were setup and how they were managed.

That’s tight! A lot of young kids don’t have the chance to get their start that early so how did it work out for you?

I started riding for Keystone Skateboards and when they were doing well we went on like 2 trips a month so I always had an opportunity to go on these trips. My mom also backed skating so it was always a go. Skating kept me out of trouble in my hometown so it worked better for me. I wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends!

Yeah I heard your a wanted man, why do you think you got into so much trouble?

Cuz my family is badass as fuck and I followed in their footsteps

Heard you! Did anyone in your family skate?

Nah, your boys the first

Then how’d you get into it to begin with?

Mad funny, so I got a hookups board with a naked girl on it from easter and my dad said that the easter bunny skated it over to my crib, and I believed it, so I started skating because I really thought I had the easter bunnies board, which is dope. That’s probably when i was like 7-8 but then I started biking for mad long, & started skating seriously again when I was 14.

See sometimes lying isn’t so bad! What’s the best lie you ever told?

Shit! It’s not really the best. The best hidden secret, I wouldn’t call it a lie, I was on MTV Totally Clueless cuz my sister set me up on the show, but I wasn’t going to go because I was about to go on tour to skate, but my mom told me in the kitchen that I was going to be on tv, so I played along with it. To this day my sister doesn’t know that I acted on tv haha. Also! Right after the show my mom drove me 2 hours to Delaware to meet up with the guys for tour. It was pretty lit.

That is lit , it seems like most of your life has been both lit & involved with skateboarding, what’s the best time you’ve had because of skateboarding that wasn’t actually skating?

This last weekend was fucking dope! I don’t know it’s always different, anytime with the homie’s is fucking dope. Shot-gunning beers & yelling at people with the megaphone shout out Big Bertha! Oh wait, and also altercations with security is always a good time.

Yeah I’ve witnessed some of these security interactions & it’s nothing short of comedy. Anyway, You ARE pretty much responsible for Big Bertha (The OG Team Van) so I feel like you need to share your best van story for the good people!

(smiling scratching his head before bursting out in laughter) Um, the funniest one probably is when I drove it from Cali to boston and my girlfriend at the time, I was shmacking her behind the fireplace. What’s that place that does free engine checks, Firestone! Some car pulled up to look at the van, looked in the back window and seen us. I wasn’t gonna stop... but yeah got caught smackin.


Damn dog you always pulling the chicks. You think it’s the skateboard or your hair?

I don’t do nothing, nah I don’t do nothing I don’t know what your talking about.


Your secret safe with me, now to change the direction, tell me about your recent business ventures?

Yeah I started the whole GE Crew when I was 17. It’s always been the music, skating, art, whole deal, but skateboarding has always been the main deal. How it started my homie Byrd called me, the whole school & area already knew about the crew. Everyone in the 610 was about it so my homie who was a little more business minded at the time called me and was like “ Yo you got a good following you need to brand this” he made designs and stuff so he helped me get it started up. But now we out here with Gangwere and I own 100% of that so it’s kinda better haha

How had that transition been for you and the brand?

It’s been god i’m still doing the whole GE crew thing cuz I have a team and people fuck with it so imma keep it going cuz people want it, but we have a new Gangwere and One Gig collab coming soon and that shits tight, y'all are gonna love it

Is there a date for the collab release? Can we get any details?

Nah it’s just [going to] be out soon ya feel!

Follow Jesse on Instagram (@jesse_gangewere) & keep an eye out for his part in the Barely Off The Grid video premiering Dec. 2nd !


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